Planning Out Your Own Winter Wonderland

A list of seasonal activities to keep this winter engaging

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1. Ice Skating 

This winter is full of new ice skaters, and you could be next! Steinberg Skating Rink, Brookdale Farms, Kennedy Recreation Center, Kirkwood Ice rink, and many more locations are open with fees from free to 1$2-20 per person.





Photo By B Moss

2. Cat Cafes

     As long as you aren’t allergic to cats, the nearest cat cafe is a good place for you to snack on a pastry while meeting a handful of cats. One of the closest cat cafes is The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe, which is full of new, and warm, experiences.







3. Movie Theaters 

With so many big movies coming out this winter, it is the perfect place to get comfortable for a few hours. Tickets are approximately $11 per person, and there are plenty of nearby theaters including Marcus Theatres

4. Art Museums

For a calmer day in the city, anyone can visit the Saint Louis Art Museum. It’s a good way to get your steps in while getting to learn more about a variety of artists and their life’s work. Also, it’s free!

5. Bowling

While anyone can bowl year-round, it is a great way to bring family and friends together inside instead of out in the cold. The average price varies because some prices are about $5 per person and others are $20 per hour. There are definitely a handful of places to go bowling nearby, including Concord Bowl and Recreation and Arnold Bowl.

Alyssa Boehlje (9) smiling for a photo on a day out ice skating. “I’ve never gone outdoor skating before so it was a very interesting experience,” Boehlje said. She went out to the ice rink with multiple friends.

6. Snow Activities

The snow we’ve received so far this winter is fairly disappointing, but remember to prepare yourself for the next snowy day! Get yourself a snow ice cream recipe, buy a sled, keep an extra hat and scarf for your future snowman, and make sure you’ve got snow-worthy gloves. You can always find a place to go snow tubing if you can’t wait till the next snowfall.

7. Home Activities

There are plenty of little hobbies you can pick up independently inside your home. For partnered activities, puzzles and board games are a great way to hang out at the house. If you have time for some crafts, you can learn to make candles and soaps, start scrapbooking or even start pottery. If these don’t catch your eye, maybe it’s time to start preparing for the garden you’ve been planning.