Computer club forms Halo tournament

On Oct. 29 the Computer Club is arranging a Halo: Reach tournament to help raise funds for the computer club.

The idea for a Halo tournament came from the club last year, but it sort of fell apart in the process of forming it. So, this year the club has learned and is excited to get this tournament started.

“We want to raise money for the club and for people to come out and have some fun playing Halo,” said Zach Greeley (12).

The tournament will cost $10 for a team of two. Depending on teams, there will most likely be a round robin tournament, which means that everyone will be able to play agianst each other. Teams will be divided into groups. Group numbers will depend on how many people show up. The club’s goal is to get about 18 teams in the tournament.

The winners of the tournament will win a prize that has not yet been decided.The money made from the tournament will help the computer club buy robotics and other electronics.