OHS show choir performs in showcase

OHS show choir performs in showcase

Clean Cut: Show Choir girls perform “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Outta My Hair” from the musical “South Pacfic.”

After nine months of hard work, the OHS Show Choir was able to perform a collection of 15 Broadway show tunes on Friday, May 6.

The students presented the first ever Broadway Showcase, which featured songs from musicals such as “Les Miserables,” “Wicked” and “Rent.” Performances ranged from solos and duets to group performances.

“My favorite song to perform was ‘My Strongest Suit,’” Tamaja Gholston (12) said. “There was attitude through the whole song and all the girls gave a lot of sass.”

The choir prepared for their performances with the help of Assistant Vocal Music Director Mrs. Erin Falloon and Theatre Arts Director Ms. Amy Learn assisted with the choreography. However, despite all of her hard work, Falloon was not able to attend the performance. She missed the showcase due to maternity leave.

“Mrs. Falloon would be very proud of us,” Christina Woods (11) said. “We really missed her.”

Overall, the choir students are proud of their work and look forward to performing another showcase in coming years.