Timberlake makes his long-awaited musical comeback

Justin Timberlake has been doing music ever since his NSync days, but he recently took a long absence from the music industry to pursue acting. New music from Timberlake was very much in demand, and while most thought their demands were not being heard, they were.

Timberlake’s brand new album The 20/20 Experience hit stores and iTunes in early March. This time around, Timberlake performs all his songs with his backup band, The Tennessee Kids. This album has a more “classy” feel to it. Not only that, there are no featured artists on this album, Timberlake does it all himself.

His first single off the album, “Suit & Tie”, has already gone platinum. The second single he released, “Mirrors”, seems like it is on its way as well. Timberlake is giving the world what they want, more intimate music. With each song being 5+ minutes, listeners get much more for their money. Also, if you buy the album from Target, you get two bonus songs you cannot find anywhere else. Timberlake has recently revealed that this is only volume one of The 20/20 Experience, and that we can expect volume two in November.

Look for a more in-depth look at Justin Timberlake’s success in the April issue of The Prowl.