Evil Dead not fit for movies

On April 5, the 2013 remake of the hit classic horror film “Evil Dead” was released into theaters.  And they should have kept it in the studious.

The movie stars Jane Levy, from the television comedy “Suburgatory’, as Mia, who become demonically possessed when her friend Eric, played by Lou Taylor Pucci, accidently releases the demon form an old book.

From there this movie took a turn for the worst.  Instead of holding a creepy feeling to this movie, it took on a more disturbing sense.  The amount of blood and gore was used at a tremendous rate that could make the viewer lose their appetite.

Now do not get me wrong, scary movies can hold blood and gore, and still be scary.  But this movie lacked the scare factor that makes you want to go home and sleep in your parents room.   And that is all this movie had.  As the film continued, I was hoping that it would pick up.  I was wrong.

Another OHS student, Kasey Smith (12) also had some words to share.

“I was disappointed because the acting was not that good,” Smith said.  “They also did a poor job of explaining the film as a whole.”

This is not the only scary movie I have seen where it lacked scare factor.  Most scary movie in this decade have lost it.  So if you want to save yourself the money, do not waste your time.