Everyone likes a good burger now and then, and I have recently found the best place to satisfy this craving!

Stacked Burger Bar, on Ivory Ave. in St. Louis, was a very unique place that I can definitely see myself visiting again.

At this restaurant, there is a menu you can chose from which includes stuff like class appetizers, salads, burgers, chicken strips, or even sandwiches and wraps. But aside from a traditional menu style, you can also build your own burger. If you chose this option, then you’re given a piece of paper which has all the options you could ever think of to add to a burger.

For starters, you chose the meat. Meat options include beef, chicken, black bean, pork or turkey. then you move onto bun choice, including options like sourdough, wheat, pretzel bun, brioche, and texas toast. Cheese and sauce are next in the line up, consisting of pretty much every cheese you could think of and unique sauces such as hot sauce, pizza sauce, nacho cheese, and much more. Then, my personal favorite, you get to chose from all the various topping there are. There’s a ton, including some out the ordinary options, such as: coleslaw, fried pickles, sauteed mushrooms, fried jalapenos, apple sauce, chili, pineapple, fried egg, guacamole, and MUCH more! Last but not least, you get to pick the sides, and let me just tell you, the sweet potato fries are amazing! With all of the options listed above, and much more that were not listed, everyone is bound to find something they enjoy!

Aside from the great menu, the atmosphere and service of this restaurant was amazing! This is a kid friendly restaurant during the day, but at night, may not be so children appropriate. There is a bar in the front, and then in the back there is an open room in which you can rent out for various different kinds of parties. In this room, there are game machines, darts, music, pool tables, and more.

Stacked also offers outside seating, free wi-fi, gluten and vegetarian friendly options, live music, and they take reservations.

The only negative aspect of this restaurant would be that it is not very large, we arrived around 8 p.m. and did not get seated for about 30 minutes. It was very busy at this time of the night and finding a seat was a little difficult. Despite this, I give Stacked Burger Bar five stars!

They are open Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then Monday through Friday, they are open for lunch, dinner, and for late night activities.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this restaurant and I absolutely plan on visiting again!