The not-so amazing Spider-Man

It’s hard to top the original Spider-Man movies. Tobey Maguire did an amazing job of portraying the hero, and his love story with Mary-Jane (Kirsten Dunst) was sensational. The movies were classics.

However, the talk now is The Amazing Spider-Man. Maguire was replaced by Andrew Garfield, and Dunst was replaced by Emma Stone who plays Gwen, Peter Parkers’s other love interest. The first movie was great, almost even with the originals in my eyes. The actors did fantastic jobs of fulfilling their roles and the screenwriters wrote an amazing movie.

After seeing the first “The Amazing Spider-Man,” my expectations were high for the second. I was looking forward to seeing how Peter Parker and Gwen rekindled their relationship after Peter promised her dad he wouldn’t talk to her anymore when he was dying. I was excited to see “Electro,” the new villain of the movies.

However, I wasn’t impressed. The movie was overall disappointing and in my opinion, boring.

I know they were based off of the comics, but when Gwen died in the end it ruined the entire movie. It wasn’t necessary to the movie and it could’ve ended all the same if Aunt May or another one of Gwen’s family members died instead.

Though it was disappointing for the most part, the ending somewhat satisfied. Peter took off the Spider-Man costume after Gwen died for awhile, but when new villains were taking over the city, all of his fans were wondering where he was. A little boy dressed up in a costume stood in front of a villain, and Spider-Man took his place finally, fulfilling peoples hopes once again.

Over all, I’d rank The Amazing Spider-Man 2 two stars. One for the effects, and one for the powerful ending.