Heavy Rain: The Best Game of PS3?

22 different endings. Four characters. One murderer.

The 2010 Quantic Dream game Heavy Rain, you play as four different characters who are trying to find a murderer known as the Origami Killer. A race to find one of the main character’s son, you play as a FBI agent, a private detective, a journalist, and a dedicated father. It is an interactive game, and one wrong move can lead to the death of a character as well as a whole different outcome of the game’s ending. The PS3 exclusive game focuses intensely on heavy decisions and fast-paced action.

Heavy Rain is one of the best, if not the best, video game I have ever played. Though the storyline is relatively short (ranging at about 10 hours of gameplay), it is amazing how many different twists and turns the game gives. The characters are captivating, the activities you have to do are extremely hard on a morality level, and the ending of the game can either lift up your spirit or bring you to tears. Though the game itself is not hard, it really only takes one wrong move to mess up everything, and in the award-winning game, every move counts.

Along with the amazing storyline and the captivating gameplay, the score for the different types of scenes are heartbreaking and intense. Winning two awards for their score, it fits the setting of each situation perfectly.

Winner of nine different awards, Heavy Rain definitely earns their awards and high rating for the game. It is compatible with the Playstation Move, and though some people prefer the controller, the game is much better playing on the move. You have a feeling of being in the game and doing the actions the characters are doing in the game.

Heavy Rain is the game I would recommend out of any other game, as it made me change the way I looked at other video games.