Mockingjay Tops The Charts

The third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, “Mockingjay,” hit the screens as a major motion picture on Thursday, Nov. 20.

Mockingjay: Part One is about 18-year-old Katniss Everdeen after she was rescued by the rebels from the arena. The second movie, Catching Fire, ends with Katniss shooting an arrow through the top of the arena in the Quarter Quell and it falling to pieces. She is then informed that it is the beginning of a revolution, that the capital has taken one of her love interests, Peeta Mellark, and there is no longer a District 12. Mockingjay: Part One shows the beginning of the revolution and how Katniss has become the nation of Panem’s “Mockingjay” with action and suspense.

Part one of two, the first Mockingjay film was a success. It followed up to the first half of the novel almost exact, and it did not fail to include all of the most important details. The only true changes to the film were made better for the film. In other examples of films splitting the last book into two movies, such as Harry Potter and the Twilight films, I think that Mockingjay: Part One surpasses theirs.

Mockingjay still had climaxes and didn’t bore me. It was full of consistent action, plot twists, an intriguing storyline and characters you can’t help but love. The love triangle is irresistible. It will leave every true Hunger Games fan hungry for more.