Contest; The Hobbit

I chose to include the Hobbit in the center spread, not just because it’s happening in 2014, but because I’m a geek and I love anything Tolkien. I decided the best way to represent the Hobbit was to make a silhouette of Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves walking because that’s a huge chunk of the movie. That and lots of beautiful shots of New Zealand. If you saw them right away, congrats, you’re probably a Tolkien fan too. If you didn’t see them, they are on the left side, walking up the mountain.

Quick fun fact, there was an actor who refused to be featured in the Hobbit movies. Viggo Mortensen did not reclaim his role of Aragorn because his character does not appear anywhere in the book. I’ve got nothing but respect for Mr. Mortensen and his respect for literature!