Megan Haislar

Megan Haislar, Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2015: Well hello there! My name’s Megan and I’m the Editor in Chief for our school newspaper. I honestly have no idea how that happened, but I’m going to go along with it anyway!

I love art of all forms, specifically graphic design. I had a lot of fun re-designing the newspaper for this year, and I hope everyone likes it! Besides graphic design, I also do a lot of acrylic paintings and clay work. Oh! And I read...a lot...well, anytime I have free time, anyway. I always love getting book recommendations, and I will love anyone who brings me coffee! Caffeine is my friend. You can stop by the journalism room anytime with coffee and I will answer any question you may have….okay, even if you don’t have coffee, I’ll still help...albeit reluctantly.

So, as a recap: art, books, and caffeine! Whoop!!


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Megan Haislar