First Day Fun



As the students of OHS walked into the building on the first day of school, they were greeted with open arms, posters, and streamers.

Faculty and students both walked into OHS’s doors on Thursday, Aug. 14 to prepare for the 2014-2015 school year. Even though there are new changes this year, including the lunch schedule and the new “building the community” theme, OHS started their day off with a pep assembly and a chance to get a small taste of their new schedule.

“Today is all about celebrating and everyone getting together,” Principal Jan Kellerman said.

At the pep assembly, many games and surprises were in store for the student body of OHS. It first started off with the seniors walking through the tent as they celebrated their last year at “Our House”. Then, there was Mrs. Kellerman, who was speaking from an elevated forklift.

“[Being in the forklift] was pretty sweet even though I got stuck,” Kellerman said.

After the forklift, students participated in a game where you had to wipe shaving cream on your face and your class partner had to throw popcorn so it would stick to his or her face. Whoever had the most popcorn on their face won. After a minute long battle of the four classes, seniors prevailed.

“It was messy and fun,” Clara Beatel (10) said about her participation in the game.

Students were then thrown free t-shirts and were given the chance to play a new game. This game consisted of puzzle pieces to put together “Our House” and promote the theme of building a community. While teachers and students teamed up to find the pieces, the student body was able to watch both the Golden Girls and the OHS Cheerleaders perform to their new routines. When the challengers got back after they found the puzzle pieces, they put it together on a pentagon that resembled “Our House”. The Pep Rally then winded down and students were released to go to their 18 minute classes.

“To me, school is about  academics,” Kellerman said. “But it is also about fun and having a good time, and that is what I wanted [on the first day of school].”