Science Rules

Traxler does entertaining labs

For those of you that have taken or are taking chemistry, you may recall the interesting labs Mr. Traxler has introduced.

Starting in 2002, Traxler helped create unique labs for his chemistry classes to help teach the students that chemistry can be applicable to everyday life. Examples being the tie dye lab for chromatography, the candle labs for metal ion flame tests, and ice cream in a bag for testing freezing point depression. Traxler tries to include the labs during the most difficult points of the school year so that the students don’t succumb to burnout. The candle lab is generally at the end of first semester, and both the tie dye and ice cream labs are after spring break to help the students pick up the slack.

“It’s a fun way to engage the students,” Traxler said.

Most of the students agree. Even years after taking chemistry, Traxler says that students have returned saying that the labs are often times the thing they remember most. While some years are unfortunately unable to get to the labs, regardless, they’re one of the most enjoyable experiences for the students.