Dance, Dance Powderpuff Boys


Boys in tutus, men in tights, and cartwheels. On Tuesday, Sept. 30, OHS held their annual Powderpuff game. True to tradition, the junior and senior boys had their half time routine. According to Becky Czuppon, activities director, the routine was one of the best she had ever seen.

The senior routine was put together by Senior Golden Girls Catherine Klocke, Sabrina Antle, Olivia Botonis, and Nicole Carey. The seniors practiced seven times through Sept. 10 to Sept. 29, with the performance the following day. Their routine followed a theme, reflecting on the nostalgia of being a senior while also maintaining the light-hearted dancing that most Powderpuff attendees are used to.

Joe Green (12) portrayed the teacher in the routine, and had asked the students to write an essay about their “favorite high school memory.”

Adam Billings started off the following dialogue by recalling his first day, and Kurtis Leible  spoke of “the ladies,” while Patrick Wright talked about homecoming. Ian Homann thought getting his license was “pretty cool,” while Ryan Farnham talked about getting ‘Best Hair’ at junior ring, and Corey Chambliss reflected on the overall good times over the years.

The junior routine entertained the crowd with tumbles and pop music. Including some interesting spin moves and an impressive back flip from Austin Neal, the junior routine can’t deny its shining moments.