Four OHS students make it to American Legion

Adam Leeker (11), Nathan Wooddell (11), Hunter Iffland (11), and Andrew Carter (11) make it in to the America Legion Boys State.

Jordan Beseda, Reporter

May 15, 2019

Every year nearly 1,000 high school students from all around Missouri are chosen to take part in a highly respected program focused on the education of the federal government. This year, four of these students are from OHS. Andrew Carter (11), Hunter Iffland (11), Adam Leeker (11), and Nathan Wooddel...

Counselors focus on future

Taylor Boles, reporter

September 15, 2015

OHS has taken an extra step to prepare students for their futures. This year Mr. Stephen King, chairperson of the guidance department, and the rest of the guidance staff are having conferences with all four grade levels. Although they have been very successful in regards to their students being acce...

Dance, Dance Powderpuff Boys

Dance, Dance Powderpuff Boys

Olivia Greubel, O-Zone Editor

October 10, 2014

Boys in tutus, men in tights, and cartwheels. On Tuesday, Sept. 30, OHS held their annual Powderpuff game. True to tradition, the junior and senior boys had their half time routine. According to Becky Czuppon, activities director, the routine was one of the best she had ever seen. The senior routine...

Seniors taste sweet victory in annual Powder Puff game

Seniors taste sweet victory in annual Powder Puff game

Rachel Scott, Opinions Editor

September 9, 2011

The Kings of Candy triumphed over the Lords of Licorice in the Powder-puff football game on Thursday afternoon (Sept. 8 ) when the senior team defeated the juniors 30-18. The orange-clad seniors began the game by scoring three touchdowns in the first half with their twelve plays. Ashley Burton (12)...

Sophomores and Juniors will dance the night away

Shellie McIver, Reporter

February 17, 2011

The Sophomore class and Junior class each have a dance to attend on Thursday, Feb. 17. The sophomore dance is going to be held at OHS in Gymnasium A. Morris LaGrand, the sophomore class President, said themes were put on a ballet and the sophomores voted for the one they liked best. The theme of...

Wild prevails: seniors win powder puff

Wild prevails: seniors win powder puff

Evyn Johnson, Features Editor

October 12, 2010

Oakville High School senior girls showed the junior girls that man is no match for the wild. The senior girls won the annual powder puff game, Oct. 7, on the OHS football field, 42-28. The game was billed as Man (the juniors) vs Wild (the seniors). “The [Senior girls] did really good,“ said...

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