Four OHS students make it to American Legion


Courtesy of Jordan Beseda

Adam Leeker (11), Nathan Wooddell (11), Hunter Iffland (11), and Andrew Carter (11) make it in to the America Legion Boys State.

Every year nearly 1,000 high school students from all around Missouri are chosen to take part in a highly respected program focused on the education of the federal government. This year, four of these students are from OHS.

Andrew Carter (11), Hunter Iffland (11), Adam Leeker (11), and Nathan Wooddell (11) have earned a spot in the American Legion Boys State.

“I felt very excited when I got accepted into Boys State because it is a great honor,” said Wooddell. “It makes me feel like a true leader among my peers. I think it’ll be a great opportunity to build my leadership skills even more.”

“I feel honored to be chosen for Boys State,” said Leeker. “and I’m excited for the opportunity to try something new in my life.”

In order to be chosen for this program, the boys had to be nominated and agreed upon by teachers, and then go through the online application process.

Along with other Missouri high school students, they will spend one week this summer in Warrensburg, MO where their leadership, citizenship, and knowledge of the democratic process will grow.

“This is a big deal for me because I’m going to get to learn more about the government and work with some pretty smart people from Missouri,” said Carter.

“I am just really happy because my brother went to Boys State,” said Iffland. “and it opened up a lot of doors for him.”

At the event students are given the opportunity to really become a part of the operation of local, county and state government. The young lawmakers meet at the beginning of the session and organize into committees. Each boy is even given the opportunity to run for the position of President or Vice President.

“Oh, I’m gonna run for office,” said Iffland.

“I mean… go big or go home, right?” said Carter.

At the end of this program two students will be chosen to represent their state in Washington DC at Boys Nation. Being chosen for this provides them with even more learning opportunities.

Boys Nation has been around since 1946. And many graduates of the program have gone on to become presidents, congressmen, state governors and state legislators. The success of this program is important to Carter. He plans to go college somewhere along the East Coast to study philosophy and government. After that, he hopes to attend law school like his older brother.

As for the others, Leeker plans to study finance, Wooddell plans to major in math, and Iffland hopes to become a business owner.

The boys say that being accepted into the American Legion Boys State is great a honor and opportunity.

“Shoutout to Andrew Carter, Adam Leeker, and Nathan Wooddell,” said Iffland. “I love you guys, and you’re all beautiful.”