Wegener and Ayres Continue Old Traditions


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Martin (center) poses with new choir teachers Wegener (left) and Ayres (right).

After the departures of OHS choir directors Paula Martin and Erin Falloon, Michael Wegener and Chelsea Ayres were enlisted to be the new directors. Wegener was an OHS graduate, while Ayres was a student teacher for the choirs in 2011. Both teachers have said that they are enjoying being here at OHS, mentioning that the students are very dedicated and come to school to learn.

“The students are dedicated to their studies,” Ayres said. “I feel that their parents are involved in their lives.”

Both teachers also agreed that there was not much to change about the program. One change would be transitioning from sightreading numbers to solfege, or the traditional ‘do re me fa sol la ti do’. This tactic would help improve annunciation and vowel shape. Other than that, both directors agreed that there was not any need to change anything.

“[Wegener and Ayres] great and they push us to our limits,” Austin Lininger (12), a student in choir, said.

The first choir concert will be performed on Oct. 28.