Open ANP returns


Class of 2014 Seniors wear their Open ANP lanyards from last year.

The Open ANP Program has been renewed as of second semester and, hopefully, the future school years as well.

The program was originally scrapped for this school year due to faults from last year. Some juniors and seniors who had the privileges abused the program, examples being leaving ANP without signing, loitering, the selling of lanyards, and overall not utilizing them for their intended academic purposes. When the privilege committee announced that the program was to be terminated for this school year, students took it upon themselves to get it back. Students worked with faculty to create a program that was stricter than the previous, awarding the students who meet and exceed expectations at Oakville.

Student body president Donald Rabin says some major changes were ID stripes to prevent from selling or stealing, the student cannot have more than three tardies, no more than 4 ID referrals, and Gym A being off limits, among other things.

AJ Scott, a senior who also worked with the movement, says one important change was what the program was referred to. “The program was renamed as ‘the open ANP program’, just to try to move away from the denotations and connotations related with privileges.” This way students are seen equally and rewarded for actions, instead of being regarded and views as more ‘privileged’ than other students.

Donald Rabin concludes by saying, how appreciative that his administration and peers were “capable of working together on the matter and that everything went well.”