Hannah Franke takes the ‘perfect’ test

Hanna Franke (11), resieves an award for getting a perfect score on the ACT at the school board meeting on March 12.

Jack Butchart, reporter

March 13, 2020

For the first time in nine years, an OHS student has scored a 36 on the ACT.  Hannah Franke (11) managed to get a perfect score on her ACT during the Dec. 14 test. This perfect score took some work to achieve, however.  “To prepare for the ACT, I took it once over the summer without any prep to get a...

Spanish Ⅳ students create wax museum in library

Katelyn Massey (11) poses as Jennifer Lopez for her presentation at the Wax Museum.

Leyla Vilic, reporter

February 25, 2020

Senora Meghan King’s Spanish Ⅳ first block students created a wax museum of historical figures from Hispanic cultures on Friday, Feb. 7.  Mrs. King always tries to make Spanish a fun class, and pursues diverse projects. This time, she pushed her students to create a wax museum. The student...

Choir Sings Their Hearts Out at All-State

Ben Lanier (11), Riley Hicks (12), Madison Baker (12) and Thomas Schartner (12) pose for a picture after preforming at All-State.

Jack Butchart, reporter

February 20, 2020

Four choir students and one band student from OHS attended the Missouri Music Educators Association, also known as the Missouri All State Convention.  Colin Akers (12), Riley Hicks (12), Thomas Schartner (12), Madison Baker (12), and Ben Lanier (11) were chosen to attend MMEA. These give stude...

Library switches genres

OHS Library reorganizes their genres. Here, Science Fiction and Fantasy are combined, but soon, they will have their own section thanks to efforts of the librarians at Mehlville High School.

Kaitlyn Blanton, News Editor

February 11, 2020

Libraries in the Mehlville School District have had the same genres for as long as we can remember. But new book shipments happen every semester, making it a lot harder for students to find books that they like.  This year two new librarians at Mehlville High School (MHS) decided to split som...

OHS hosts robotics competition

Alex Schumacher (10), Oivia Rausch (10) and Josef Baltz represented OHS as apart of the Lasagnaneers team   at the Robotics competition, Feb. 1.

Nataleigh Scheller-Houska, reporter

February 7, 2020

Over 30 teams crowded the halls of OHS on Feb. 1 for the FIRST Tech Challenge: Regional Qualifier, a robotics competition where robots compete against each other in challenges of skill.  Two teams from OHS, the Oakville Lasagnaneers and the Oakville Elon-gated Tigers, both run by robotics advisor Dr. J...

Should online textbooks be our future?

Gabby McMurry (11) studies with an online textbook while Ciara Gallagher (11) uses a physical book.

Emma Beach, reporter

December 20, 2019

Textbooks used to be a thing in the real world, a thing you could touch, hold, or throw. Students back in the day had to carry around a heavy textbook from class to class.  Now, however, many textbooks are online. Four out of five math classes have switched to textbooks online and only three out of fi...

ANP Seminars are back

Lauren Carr (12) looking deep in the eyes of a ferret as her class mates look on.

Beth Hagan

October 24, 2019

English teacher and ANP (Academic Network Period) Coordinator Christy Mathews and other faculty have been hard at work with seminars.  “Seminars are a time when students can select an activity they're interested in learning more about,” said Ms. Mathews. “Some of them are academic in natur...

Señora King celebrates C days

Norah Kovac (12) and Meg Heveroh (11) make paper flowers to appreciate teachers on the first C day of the year.

Emily Merritt, reporter

September 11, 2019

Señora Meghan King makes C Days a Cultural Day for her students. On Aug. 23, the first C Day of the year, Señora King introduced some parts of Hispanic culture to her Spanish students. Her Spanish 2 classes learned about famous Spanish artist and looked at their pieces. Each student painted a sect...

Chemistry Flips Classroom Activities

Thomas Caira (10) and Seth Freshman (10) get out of the class room for a new scavenger hunt activity

Kaitlyn Blanton, News Editor

September 4, 2019

An OHS teacher has decided to try out a new game with her students.  Science teacher Rebecca Dutcher discovered the idea of a “Fliphunt” on the Pinterest app. A Fliphunt is a scavenger hunt that utilizes the Flipgrid website. Dutcher experimented with this game on Aug. 27 and 29 with her first a...

Social Studies Teacher Returns to OHS

Mrs.Beck helps Brooke Seyer and Grace Bayer with Chromebook in her government class

Kaitlyn Blanton, News Editor

August 27, 2019

Last summer after finding out she was pregnant in February of 2018, OHS teacher Mrs. Kara Beck, had to take a break from working. But she wasn’t expecting to be out for the entire school year. Beck found out she was having twins in March after an ultrasound, and her doctors had discovered a number...

The Beginning of the 50 Year Celebration

Ron Baechle OHS (class of 1977) also known as the Blues Towel Man getting ready to throw towels to the students in the back-toschool assembly

Avery Neal, Social Media Coordinator

August 23, 2019

This 2019-2020 school year is especially important for the students and faculty. OHS is celebrating its 50th year as a high school, and the school is celebrating loud and proud.  When students walked into school on Aug. 13, they were welcomed by cheerleaders and Golden Girls at the door. ...

Shakespeare Class Presents Ren Faire

Graduated class of 2019, Chloe Wilke seen here demonstrating a trebuche

Cassandra Ludwig, Webmaster

August 21, 2019

The Shakespeare class will put on a mini Renaissance Faire for other classes to come in and see. This semester, the faire will be this Thursday during second block. “Students will choose a topic and make their own booth, set up an activity for people to come look at during the Renaissance Fair...

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