ANP Seminars are back


Lily Singer

Lauren Carr (12) looking deep in the eyes of a ferret as her class mates look on.

English teacher and ANP (Academic Network Period) Coordinator Christy Mathews and other faculty have been hard at work with seminars. 

“Seminars are a time when students can select an activity they’re interested in learning more about,” said Ms. Mathews. “Some of them are academic in nature, some work on life skills, some are future-based, and some teach relaxation skills.”

After the end of the 2018-2019 school year, a survey was sent out to students to get input on how to enhance the seminars. Changes were made such as different seminars and the change of start times. 

There are 18 new seminars offered this year, including American Sign Language, Conspiracy Theories, True Crime, Photojournalism and Beauty Tips. 

Jojo Labrier (11), one of the students in the journalism program, shares about being in the Photojournalism seminar. 

“While I am writing stories, I also need to be taking pictures for my stories so it really helps me get both areas covered,” said Labrier. 

Freshmen are able to participate in seminars starting second semester. The first seminar after winter break will be January 27. 

“They’ve had their own freshman seminars this term, but next they’ll be in the regular mix and we’ll add in new topics so we have more options for everyone, as well,“ said Ms. Mathews. 

The final seminar for this semester is November 1.