Hannah Franke takes the ‘perfect’ test


Jack Buchart

Hanna Franke (11), resieves an award for getting a perfect score on the ACT at the school board meeting on March 12.

For the first time in nine years, an OHS student has scored a 36 on the ACT. 

Hannah Franke (11) managed to get a perfect score on her ACT during the Dec. 14 test. This perfect score took some work to achieve, however. 

“To prepare for the ACT, I took it once over the summer without any prep to get a baseline,” said Franke. I got a 34 that time, and I knew that I just needed to focus on the math section. I bought a practice book, and I did all the practice tests that I could find online. I also did an online webinar class.”

With a high amount of stress over improving her score, Franke still felt somewhat confident when going in for her test the second time. 

“I felt decently confident going in but still not sure of anything,” said Franke. 

Her hard work paid off, though. She was able to increase her score two points in one of the hardest score ranges for growth. 

“I had prepared with the book and practice tests, but I still wasn’t sure I’d be entirely successful,” said Franke.

Franke managed to score a 35 on the english and math sections and attained a 36 on reading and science. 

To get these scores, Franke had to get 73-74 questions correct in the english section, 57-58 on math, and 40 questions correct on science and reading. These next to perfect scores allowed her to get a 36 overall score. 

Franke was recognized at the district board meeting on March 12 for this achievement.