Leadership students help others with the return to school


Jack Butchart

Grant Cracchiolo (12) helps John Carnaghi (10) in the commons to figure out where his classes are on the first day of school. “It was very humbling helping people navigate the school,” said Cracchiolo, “because beforehand I myself had to know the layout. It took more preparation than I thought after reviewing the map because I was scared I would tell people to go the wrong way.”

With OHS students returning to in-person learning, the leadership class has stepped up to help students navigate the first days of school. 

The Leadership class, taught by Mrs. Laura Bishop and Mrs. Becky Bruning, had students creating videos to make the transition to in-person school easier.

“Mr. (Jason) Buatte (assistant principal) asked myself and Mrs. Bruning if the leadership kids would be interested in making the back-to-school videos,” said Bishop. “Of course we said yes.”

 The videos cover topics that range from how to wash your hands properly to navigating the directional hallways throughout the school.

“We wanted them to be made by students and helpful for students,” said Bruning. “We gave the leadership students the topics surrounding the biggest changes happening this year, but had them come up with questions they had for administration.” 

Administration played a major role in creating the topics for the videos so that they were informative enough for when students return. 

“I presented the questions and ideas to our admin team,” said Bruning. “From there admin was able to hammer out more specific details, and the leadership classes were able to make informative videos.”

Besides administration’s involvement, the videos were completely student created. 

“The videos were made 100% by the students during p.m. intervention hours,” said Bruning. “Students were in groups of three to six. They communicated ideas and created a storyboard virtually, and then arrived at school as a team to film the videos together.” 

Not only are they creating videos, but they are also standing throughout the commons to guide any students who may be confused about where to go. 

“Helping students find their classes this morning went well,” said Regina Elguezabal (12). “I looked at the map and helped so many students out that I think I could show someone the way without looking at the paper.”

Leadership has made major strides in helping the OHS community.

“I think our leadership classes have taken the biggest step in my four years,” said Grant Cracchiolo (12). “We are leading now more than we ever have.” 

“Leadership is definitely more involved this year than previous years,” said Elguezabal. “Specifically, our classes have done a great job of taking on the role of being mentors to the freshmen and being there for them if they need it.” 

With all of the leadership student’s hard work, we can expect this school year to run a little bit smoother than it would without them. 

“I am so proud of their initiative, hard work, their design process, and final product,” said Bruning.

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