Mehlville School District to change schedule, again


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All students will be coming back to the building, with virtual Mondays, starting March 9.

In a recently released statement by Superintendent Dr. Chris Gaines, OHS students will be returning to school full time. 

As students settled into the current hybrid schedule that has students attending school online once a week, and two times in person on their respective cohort days, a new schedule is being implemented on March 9 that will have students in-person four days a week. 

Students will no longer be grouped together by last name and every student will attend school at the same time. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be “A” Days and Wednesdays and Fridays will be “B” Days. Mondays will stay an all virtual “C” Day.

“I’ve mentioned during my past few updates that we were hoping to offer more days of in-person learning for our high school students soon,” said Gaines in the weekly COVID-19 update. “Given the continued decline of COVID-19 rates in our community, as well as the stability of our own internal data and substitute teacher fill rate, we are prepared to make that change.” 

Starting the week of March 8, students will attend virtual school and then Tuesday, March 9, all students will return to the building for an in-person learning day. 

The schedule looks a little different from the typical in-person learning schedule. With the return of “normal” A and B days with all of the students in the building, these changes will stay as long as the transmission rates of the virus in the community remain under control.