Señora King celebrates C days


Norah Kovac (12) and Meg Heveroh (11) make paper flowers to appreciate teachers on the first C day of the year.

Señora Meghan King makes C Days a Cultural Day for her students.

On Aug. 23, the first C Day of the year, Señora King introduced some parts of Hispanic culture to her Spanish students. Her Spanish 2 classes learned about famous Spanish artist and looked at their pieces. Each student painted a section of one of Diego Rivera’s murals, after the class finished painting, Señora King pasted them together to create the mural.
“I liked that it was calming and it was just different then what people usually do,” said Naomi Wiedermann (10).

Spanish 4 students also took part in the ethnic day. When students entered the room they were instructed to write a name of a teacher on the board who was not already written. After this, the Spanish students learned about mexican flowers and how they are used in Mexico, Spain, and South America. The flowers are used as decorations at weddings, parties, and other celebrations. The students made their flower for the teacher’s name they wrote on the board. These flowers were made out of different colors of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. 

“What I liked about the mexican flower activity was that we made the flowers ourselves and gave them to teachers to spread a little culture and to brighten their day,” said Collene Ponevilai (12).

Señora King plans on having activities for every remaining C day for her Spanish 2 classes and some for her Spanish 4 students. 

“That’s what led me to want to study (Spanish),” said Señora King. “Because of the art and music.”