Social Studies Teacher Returns to OHS


Kaitlyn Blanton

Mrs.Beck helps Brooke Seyer and Grace Bayer with Chromebook in her government class

Last summer after finding out she was pregnant in February of 2018, OHS teacher Mrs. Kara Beck, had to take a break from working. But she wasn’t expecting to be out for the entire school year. Beck found out she was having twins in March after an ultrasound, and her doctors had discovered a number of abnormalities in one of them.

“I was told I would need extra monitoring throughout my pregnancy, to be on modified bed rest, and eventually a minimum of three surgeries to repair his heart.” Beck said. 

This is what drove her to the decision she made in June, which was to take the entire year off. Fortunately, the district allowed Beck to take a year off without losing her job. The downside is that she wasn’t paid that year. 

“If our district offered second year of leave, I would consider it just because your kids are only little for a short while and I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with them and witness all of their little milestones.” Beck said. 

Luckily, three weeks before Beck was due, two of the three heart problems found in her baby were no longer being found. The remaining problem was considered harmless so there was no longer any needed surgery. 

“So,” Beck began “we were super lucky and I was able to then just spend a year home with my babies.” Beck gave birth to two identical boys named Grey and Beck Dirnberger, in October of 2018. “We were so lucky that they were full-term (for twins) and did not need any time in the NICU.” Beck said.

So, after a year off of work with her twin boys Beck has returned to OHS. Since she has been back she was moved into another room and is also adjusting to having a new principal. 

“I love interacting with the students and making a sometimes dense subject attainable and fun to them. Also, I love being in the Social Studies department. I have the best coworkers!” Beck said. Currently, Beck teaches five different blocks of AP US Government and Politics. 

Beck went to college at Truman State University to study Psychology originally, but decided to achieve a Masters in teaching her junior year. Mrs. Beck has been a teacher at OHS for eleven years now. Beck has actually never taught at any other school besides OHS, and had even completed her student teaching here. 

“I am definitely missing my kiddos, so it has been a rougher transition back than I thought.” Beck began, “However, I’m easing back in!”