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This Wednesday, the Science Nationals Honors Society students participated as judges in the Oakville Elementary School’s science fair.

The SNHS students acted as the judges for the kindergarten through second grade childrens’ projects. The projects were separated into two categories: experiments and models.

“I think it was harder than they expected,” Ms. Kristin Pierce, a sponsor and OHS physics teacher, said. “The projects were cute and well done, but left out important things that made it hard to judge.”

The elementary school students could do their projects on everything from paper towel experiments to musical effects on flowers to calculation how many calories or carbohydrates are in different cereals.

“It was a really eye opening experience,” Leah Meissner (11) said. “We got to see the creativity of elementary science students. We have some promising talent within our district.”

“I particularly like planning out activities revolving around science that I can participate in with friends.” Matthew Fogle (12) said.

When asked if she would participate if this opportunity was offered again, Meissner said that she would definitely go again. Pierce agreed that she believed that all of the students that participated were very appreciative of the experience.