Centerspread Contest

Well, looks like you made it this far! Congratulations! Now you get to listen to me ramble about the most recent centerspread of our newspaper!

So! The idea for a giant illustration came from one of our reporters, Jake King (who also happens to be line producer for our school broadcast). He found an illustration from 2013 on the internet and showed it to the staff during brainstorming. We all decided that this was a great opportunity to try and make something that would bring our newspaper to a whole new level. And in that moment, the social lives of two staff members tragically ended.

Anyway…This centerspread was designed by myself and Cheyanne Bise, and we also created everything you see on Adobe Illustrator. Basically it was drawn by hand…but on a computer. If you look closely, there are little easter-eggs everywhere; from Trivia Crack to the Super Bowl to League of Legends. We worked really hard to make sure there was something for everyone in this illustration. There was a lot of Google searches and we were shocked that we forgot that the Olympics happened this year (admit it, you forgot about them too!). Almost every day, we stayed after school until 3:30 ish to work and we also worked tirelessly during class and ANP. Hence, no social lives.

Now on to the contest. Basically, all you have to do is search on this site for the answers to the questions in the contest. Simple! The questions are not hard, and you have the chance to win an awesome box of prizes! Just search for articles written by Megan Haislar and Cheyanne Bise and remember to drop off your completed form in room 234!! Don’t forget! To qualify for the big prize draw, turn in the form by the end of school Thursday!! Also, don’t forget to read our other stories and vote in our poll!