When did that happen?!

Has anyone notice that teachers are actually starting to expect students to use their phones in their classes? We went from being frowned at for using an electronic in the halls to whipping them out in class for an online poll. When did that happen?!

I’ve noticed that in many of my classes, my teachers are not only expecting their students to use their phones, but they’re expecting them to have some really high-tech, expensive phone. Being someone who just graduated from a “flip-phone”, this is kind of ridiculous to me. Have they seen the price tags on those things?! Not everyone can afford the newest phone every month, so why do they expect us all to have them?

Not only do they expect their students to all have Iphones, but they expect us all to have texting and internet access! Now, I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure it costs money to send a recording of a Spanish or French conversation to your teacher.What happened to in-class presentations? Not that any of us are big fans of hyperventilating and stuttering in front of the entire class, but the alternative isn’t much better. On one hand, free in-class presentation; the other, Iphone bill (for those of us that pay our own phone bills). Now, some teachers are really nice and will tell those that have fancy phones to share with their neighbors. Great! Now I feel like a penniless mooch.

 Now, don’t get me wrong; technology is awesome. The fact that we can use our phones in passing periods and can even listen to our own music in some classes is a  huge step forward from where we once were. However, with constantly advancing technology, the pressure to have the newest gadget is getting worse, and now it’s coming from all sides.