A Memoir of Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time: An Aids Memoir by Paul Monette. This novel needs no other introduction, no prequel of information, to let prospective readers know exactly what they’re about to read.

Paul Monette shares with the world the last few months he had with his partner, Roger, who was diagnosed with the AIDS virus. Caught in the wave of the 1980’s AIDS epidemic, Paul and Roger struggle to survive and hope for a cure as many of their closest friends are struck down by the virus. Monette reflects on everything from death by indifference to loss of faith and manages to strike a chord with those who have felt the pain of loss and have struggled to find that reason ‘why’.

Monette paints a picture of desolation and devastation, yet manages to show that even the smallest amount of hope can make all the difference. He talks about his own struggle to find this hope, and his coming to terms with Roger’s illness as they both fight for their lives. Monette’s memoir gives a name and a face to the AIDS virus and makes the fight personal for anyone who reads it.

There is no way around it; this memoir is heartbreaking yet inspiring at the same time. It takes a lot to read something so raw and tragic, but the deeper, human connection found in this memoir is worth it. This memoir shows you a new way to look at life, a way of soaking in the moments of joy in your life, no matter what the situation. Personally, I found this memoir terrifyingly tragic, yet beautiful beyond words.