Becoming a journalist

Journalism is not a dying field! While the printed paper may be starting to go a bit out of style, the stories are still there—and someone’s got to write about them! So why not you?

Reporters will be around for a long time—who else is going to report on the Kardashians when they’re in nursing homes shouting “YOLO” as they speed along in their souped-up, embellished wheelchairs. Reporting is not just your typical evening news stations; shows like E-News and other entertainment advertisers are going to need people to go out and discover what’s going on too! Who do you think writes the juicy stories in the teen magazines with the newest boy band’s faces plastered on them? Someone’s got to talk to them! Again, it’s called reporting done by reporters!

It’s not just entertainment either! Do you think that suddenly, no one’s going to want to play sports anymore? Sports are a huge part of all sorts of cultures, so they’re not just going to disappear. That being said, neither are the reporters who interview players and give you all of the details you need to form your fantasy football league. Where do you think those sports spotlights come from? Someone’s got to write them, and if you’re into sports, why can’t it be you?

And what if you are one of those people who take notice of important things going on in the world? Wouldn’t you like to travel the world, see amazing sights, and inform the world about what’s happening? There are endless possibilities of things to write about. There are endless places to go and see. Endless things to preserve forever in the form of the written word.

If you’re still not really sure about the whole journalism thing, come by and join our shindig. Lots of us end up staying after school at one point or another, and we have a few work nights throughout the year. Stop by and see what it’s all about firsthand. We don’t bite, I promise! Well, unless you bring sweets with you, then we’re like piranhas. Or like the Vashta Nerada for any Doctor Who fans out there.

Journalism is one of those things that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, as it truly deserves. It’s learning to come out of your comfort zone, break away from shyness or insecurities, and join a group that becomes like a second family. Joining the field of journalism is not just a choice of a class, it’s a choice to change your view on the people and places around you. It’s a chance to let others see the way you view the world and to let yourself become a part of something so much greater than you could have imagined.

Become a journalist and speak up. Let the world hear you, because believe me, they’re listening.