Senioritis is not just for seniors anymore

Senioritis, the bane of high school existence. It’s expected every year that as soon as spring comes, senioritis starts to creep into our school. My question is why is it only seniors who are allowed to be tired of school? What about the rest of us?

It’s not just seniors that get this so called “senioritis”, it’s the entire school! Everyone gets that thirst for summer the second the weather starts to feel like spring. Even the teachers have to get tired of listening to excuses and complaints from all of their students.

What we all need is to come to terms with the fact that school’s not over  yet”

— Megan Haislar


We still have a few weeks left to work, then we’re all free to embrace summer the second we get off school property. But again, NOT YET! There’s no reason to stop participating in your classes just because you’re tired. If you want to get your grades up, don’t QUIT! You still have a chance to turn that 89% into a 90%! You can raise your grades if you continue to work for your classes!

If you’re a senior, just realize that slacking right now can still affect you. You still need to pass your classes, so pay attention! And, as a junior, I know that it’s really exciting to realize that in just a few weeks, we’re going to be seniors. However, starting off the year having to retake a class doesn’t sound like fun. Sophomores and freshmen: stay strong and try not to think of the 2 to 3 years of school you have left. I promise, it goes by incredibly fast!

Senioritis is not an excuse to stop participating in your school. You still have responsibilities and work that you need to complete. Everyone is looking forward to summer, but in order to enjoy that summer, you have to get through school first!