Tiger Time replaces DEAR

Each school year brings something new, from new students to new classes, and now, a new Academic Networking Period program. Last year, a committee comprised of both teachers and students met to discuss what changes needed to be made for the coming year.

           “The committee met numerous times throughout last year after having heard back from surveys completed by both staff and students about what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they thought should be ‘non-negotiable’, or required, for students and staff.” Christy Mathews, facilitator of the committee, said.

           The committee agreed that Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) was one of the major things that needed to change. Its lack of support and students’ general dislike of it only added to the support of this decision.

“No one liked it and it was just valuable time being wasted,” Sean Stumpf, the Junior Class President and committee member, said. “I hope more students will enjoy what we have replaced DEAR with.”

           This year, a new program called Tiger Talk will set aside the first 20 minutes of every ANP. This time is intended to make the block feel like a family environment or a “Homeroom within ANP” Mathews said.

Tiger Talk will also be a time to have grade conferences, to discuss a current events, and to take care of in-class organization.

In addition to Tiger Time, each month there will be a day set aside for a character lesson that will relate to that month’s character word. The character lessons will consist of discussions and sometimes involve activities and interactive games.

“Our hope is that through these discussions we help students develop their character and truly examine how they want to present themselves and the values they want to live their life by.” Jennifer Gross, a committee member, said.

This year’s changes to ANP have been designed to help to build character and create more of a family environment that both students and staff can benefit from.