Oakville steps for school spirit

OHS introduces a new club expected to raise school spirit: Tiger Step.  Meetings are held once every other week with Mrs. Bekki Kirchhofer as the sponser.

Tamaja Gholston (12) and India Duff (12) founded Tiger Step to help promote school spirit.  “We wanted to show something that wasn’t very typical to Oakville students,” says Gholston.  But problems have started to unveil themselves at practices.  Since the team is not structured or organized yet, some new members are acting out and being disruptive at the meetings.  This has put a hold on their hope to perform this sememster.

Recently a petition has been passed around asking people to support their wishes to perform at pep rallies, assemblies, and school lunches.  So far they have all of the signatures needed, but they are waiting to turn in the signatures in until they have a more organized team.  Duff states that they also hope to perform at the homecoming dance if Becky Czuppon, the activities director, allows them to.

The next meeting for Tiger Step is Sept. 21 in room 221 from 2:30-4:00.  All practices are open so anyone can come to the show their school spirit.  there are still spots available so Gholston and Duff encourage students to come check it out.