Another Lieberoff joins OHS

Last year was Mrs. Jen Lieberoff’s first year teaching at OHS. Now, the 2010 school year brings her spouse and previous OMS teacher, Mr. Brett Lieberoff, to the OHS community.

Mr. Lieberoff teaches Health while Mrs. Lieberoff teaches Spanish I and II. The two are usually in completely different directions while in the school building. They don’t even have the same lunches.

“We never really see each other, so it’s not much of a difference being at the same school,” Mr. Lieberoff said.

The couple doesn’t drive together due to coaching after school. She coaches JV girls volleyball in the fall and he coaches wrestling in the winter.

The only difference with them teaching together in the same school is receiving each other’s mail on accident.

“So far this year, I tend to find wrestling brochures in my school mailbox now,” Mrs. Lieberoff said laughing.