Pep Rally: More laughs, more smilies, and more fun!

Pep Rally: More laughs, more smilies, and more fun!

Daniel Carter (10) and Julia Kartje (10) work together to eat a chocolate pudding sandwich at the homecoming pep rally. Carter said he was disqualified because Kartje was supposed to eat the sandwich.

Spirit Week is over, but homecoming is just beginning. The 2011 Pep Rally was a huge hit. From the “Golden Guys” to the chocolate pudding sandwiches, everyone in the room was laughing. Even though the Pep Assembly was moved inside due to threatening weather, the majority of students still seemed to enjoy it.

Everyone’s talking about what happened when Daniel Carter (10) misinterpreted the rules in the sandwich making competition. “All I can say about the assembly is Daniel Carter,” Erin Zwilling (10).

“I was very, very angry and shocked because I had been told that I was supposed to eat the sandwich, and apparently I was disqualified,” Carter said.

Carter may have been disqualified, but Mr. Nick Traxler and Mr. Patrick Schrappen worked together long enough to stay two steps faster than their competitors. They won by a landslide and seemed thrilled.

Oakville’s Spirit seems to be on the rise in “Our House” and lets home that it keeps up.