Students keep awareness alive

Invisible Children Activists club (ICAC) was a wide spread interest for the students of OHS from 2009-2011.

Graduate Ronnie Barge brought the idea of helping the children in Africa to OHS in 2009. However, in 2010, sponsor Dan Marino left OHS, leaving ICAC without a teacher to sponsor the club.

“My senior year I talked to Mrs. Wood and she was really helpful,” Barge said. Wood is still the current ICAC sponsor.

Juniors Kacie Healey and Caci Brewer are helping to keep the awareness alive in OHS.

“After Ronnie left, I was scared that it was going to leave the school,” Healey said.

But Brewer and Healey have no intentions to let this cause escape the minds of students. Brewer is working hard to make this cause more widespread and well-known by writing a persuasive essay, and keeping the club at OHS.

“I just thought everything going on in Uganda was so sad,” Brewer said.  “We’re not the only country that needs help.”

This spring OHS will hold it’s third Invisible Children screening, and meetings will be held annually throughout the school year.

The first ICAC informational meeting was held yesterday, after school in room 304.