FAC’s department gives back

FAC’s department gives back

Becker displays “Teens for Jeans” in her room for all students to see.

It has been the season for giving around OHS. For one department, they are taking giving back to a whole different meaning.

FAC’s teacher Ms. Stephanie Becker heard about “Teens For Jeans” online. “Teens For Jeans” is a way of giving back sponsored by dosomething.org and Aeropostale. All they ask for are used jeans, which will be donated to teens in need. Right when she saw it, Becker knew it would be the perfect way for her students and department to give back.

“I love how all the donations go to local shelters and not to a resale,” Becker said. “It is going to directly where it is needed.”

For the school that collects the most jeans, Aeropostale will give every student a new pair of jeans completely free of charge. While Becker started collecting jeans near the end of the event, she has come up with about 100 pairs so far.

“Something as easy as giving a pair of jeans that don’t fit you anymore can make anyone feel good,” Becker said.

Collecting jeans ends next week. If you have any unwanted and old jeans, drop them off at any FAC’s room.