Choir outsings competitors

Choir outsings competitors

April was a successful month for the OHS choir program. Five of our six groups recieved gold awards and two recieved silver at the National Heritage Music Festival in NY.      Only one week later and 58 choir students from Oakville High School participated in the State Music Festival at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where they sang in a record breaking 23 events.  Students were allowed to perform in three events maximum and were rated on a 1-5 scale(Honor 1 Ratings being the highest).
We had an astounding, 21 events where students scored an Honor 1 rating and 2 events where students recieved an Honor 2 rating. The students were:

Honor 2 Ratings-
Mixed Double Quartet: Brittany Winter(12), Christina Woods(12), Makayla Brady(11), Jacki Stephens(10), Kurtis Leible(9), Ben Deru(9), Jon Duchesne(10), Blake Barton(12)

Vocal Soloists: Bryce Benjamin(12)

Honor 1 Ratings-
Girls Ensemble: Christina Woods, Kelsey Woodcock(11), Brittany Winter, Megan Dillow(11), Mindy Schanzle(11), Mikayla Brady(11), Ashley Kluge(11), Kasey Smith(11)

Girls Ensemble: Sara Rabbermann(10),Caroline Williams(10),Courtney Kluge(11), Erin O’Neill(10), Lexie Schwer(10), Merikayt Patton(11), Jessica Manion(10), Jordan Michalski(9)

Girls Ensemble: Elisabeth Keller(12), Hannah Martin(10), Sandra Austin(12), Alli Gannon(12), Mallory Chapman(11), Rachel Chopin(12), Abby Williams(11), Olivia Vaughn(10)

Girls Ensemble: Emilie Messmer(11), Angelica Carrasquillo(10), Brittney Julius(12), Kerri Geiser(12), Allison Steinbrueck(9), Julia Kartje(10), Katie Weingart(10), Katie Dieckhaus(10)

Girls Ensemble: Danielle De Francesco(12), Samantha Ziegelmeier(11), Taylor Conran(11), Jennifer Smith(12), Caitlin Mueller(11), Alyssa Inman(11), Jacki Stephens, Courtney Grigg(11)

Mixed Double Quartet: Devin Clark(12), Caleb Owens(12), Brian Throm(12), Matt Harvey(12), Abby Williams, Courtney Grigg, Alli Gannon, Elisabeth Keller

Mixed Double Quartet: Hannah Martin, Kasey Smith, Olivia Vaughn, Kelsey Woodcock, Kevin Kuchno(10), Nathan Haskenhoff(9), Austin Lininger(9), Alex Sato(11)

Mixed Double Quartet:Scott Lewis(12), Brian Woods(11), Bryce Benjamin, Ben Sopovic(11), Rachel Chopin, Mallory Chapman, Mindy Schanzle(11), Megan Dillow(11)

Boys Double Quartet:  Kyle Borah(12), Daniel Carter(10), Alex Sato, Brian Throm, Matt Harvey, Nathan Haskenhoff, Devin Clark, Caleb Owens

Vocal Soloists: Rachel Chopin, Caleb Owens, Sara Rabbermann, Abby Williams, Hannah Martin, Erin O’Neill, Brian Throm, Nathan Haskenhoff, Kyle Borah, Devin Clark, and Scott Lewis