Open ANP goes through remodeling

Open ANP goes through remodeling

Many seniors with privileges roam the halls during ANP with their yellow lanyards, doing as they please. Privileges include cell phone usage in certain areas, open ANP, and early dismissals.

Many students were left in the dark at the beginning of the school year with the unknowing changes of open Academic Networking Period (ANP) privileges this year at OHS. Recently, however, students were informed that privileges have been reinstated for all the seniors who qualified for the yellow lanyard.

“There is a team of OHS teachers who think students should be rewarded for being good,” activities director Becky Czuppon said. “During last year’s first semester, the teachers and I talked about bringing the privileges back this year.”

There are many changes to the privileges this year, including letting the students have the option to leave early from school on special days.

“There are specific days picked out of the school year in which the schedule is changed around so that ANP is last,” Czuppon said. “Seniors with privileges may chose to leave on this day or stay for ANP.”

Aside from this major change, other privileges include an open ANP, where students can roam around the school freely, use their phones in certain areas, and buy food from the school store and vending machines.

“I love senior privileges,” Laura Pichler (12) said. “We work hard for the first three years of high school, so it is very nice to be rewarded for that.”