OHS swims into spirit week

OHS swims into spirit week
The senior class has voted on the days of spirit week leading up to homecoming from Sept. 24 through Sept. 28. This was the first year seniors were given the opportunity to select three days for spirit week, and the results are now in.
Voting ended Friday, Sept. 14 and after the votes were counted over the weekend, three distinct winners emerged: Hippie day, Western day, and Neon Day. The agenda for spirit week is as follows:

Monday—Hippie day
Tuesday—Western day
Wednesday—Powderpuff day/Pajama day
Thursday—Neon day
Friday—Tiger day

On Monday put on a tie dye shirt and call it a day. On Tuesday grab some cowboy boots, hat and flannel to get rowdy for western day. On Wednesday support either the juniors (by wearing green) or the seniors (by wearing blue) for Powderpuff or opt to wear pajamas. On Thursday, wear bright colors to join in at the lunch rave. And on Friday, support the OHS tigers against the Fox Warriors by wearing all tiger gear. Pump up the spirit for homecoming 2012.

A poster hanging in the front vestibule brightly displays the days of spirit week.