OHS awarded abundantly at board meeting

OHS awarded abundantly at board meeting

Present and past members of the Channel 97 News Broadcast staff line up at the Board of Education meeting to receive their recognition for their National Pacemaker award with Advisor Jeff Kuchno and Board President Mr. Venki Palamand.

A myriad of OHS and MHS students received honors at the December board meeting for a wide variety of accomplishments, including National Merit achievement, All-State Choir qualification, AP (Advanced Placement) Scholar awards and Broadcast journalism national recognition.

Although all honorees did not attend the meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 12 in the MHS library, those who did attend received a certificate in front of the Board of Education, staff, parents and peers. Advisor Mr. Jeff Kuchno recognized graduates of the OHS broadcast staff and current student members as keys to broadcast success. Among the honored were:

Missouri All State Choir: Jon Duchesne (11), Kevin Kuchno (11) and Abby Williams (12)

Missouri All State Choir Second Alternates: Megan Dillow (12) and Brian Woods (12)

National Merit Semi-Finalist: David Gerding (12)

National Merit Commendation: Lucy Right (12) and Rachel Scott (12)

AP Scholar with Distinction: Lucy Right

AP Scholars with Honors: David Gerding and Nicholas Bokern (12)

AP Scholars: Brent Bellinger (12), Hope Berntsen (12), Melina Delkic (12), AJ Klocke (12), Alex Sato (12), Sarah Witte (12) and Brian Woods

Present and previous OHS Broadcast staff for the National Pacemaker Award

The recognition at the meeting gave students an extra sense of accomplishment. “Being honored by the Board made the success of the broadcast even more worthwhile,” Dan Altmann (12), an editor of the 2012-2013 Channel 97 News Broadcast, said. “It really made me feel appreciated for the work I put in.”