A Night in Vegas elected prom theme by senior class


Seniors were given another opportunity to have a say in their senior year events when senior ANPs (Academic Networking Period) voted on the prom theme on Thursday, Jan. 10. Senior Exec. counted the votes Thursday afternoon and announced prom theme A Night in Vegas on Friday, Jan. 11.

After offering suggestions as to what themes should be voted on, seniors voted on the top four suggestions: A Night in Vegas, A Night in Paris, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. A Night in Vegas came out the winner with Alice in Wonderland following in a close second.

Office secretaries supervised the ballot counting, but Senior Exec. is now receiving questions from seniors about the validity of the voting. Because the vote was close between A Night in Vegas and Alice in Wonderland for the theme, students favoring Alice in Wonderland are not accepting of the winning theme.

Despite this, prom preparations are now commencing, and Senior Exec. must now begin selecting tickets, table decor, and other decorations.

“Regardless of what some might think, the voting for the theme was fair,” Dan Altmann, Senior Class President, said. “With the hard work of Senior Exec. and the support of the administration, I personally think this will surely be a prom to remember.”

Prom will take place on Saturday, May 11 at the America Center downtown.