Drug Awareness Team comes to OHS

Drugs have been a problem among students for years. Although some may not be aware, there is a drug problem at OHS. The Drug Awareness Team at OHS helps make people aware of the on going problem.

“The Drug Awareness Team is a school organization that was started a year ago by faculty members who saw kids come to school high and other drug related problems,” Chris Ventimiglia, Guidance Counselor, said.

Involved in the Team is Ventimiglia, Steve King, Becky Czuppon, and one teacher from each department. The selected teacher from each department attends the Team’s meetings. There, they gather and share information to take back to the rest of their department.

Information shared at the meetings includes teaching staff how to handle a student coming to school under the influence. They also show statistics on how popular one drug is compared to another.

Teachers are educated on the different drug topics by Anna Jacquot, a representative from Prefered Family Health Care and former OHS graduate.

“ She comes to the meetings to give the trends on the latest drugs and what has been used around St. Louis,” Ventimiglia said.

The only goal for the team is not to catch students who come to school high. The Team also provides resources for kids and their families to get help. You can find more information on the Team from their web page “Hot Teen Topics” on the OHS website at the link below: