Gus’s Pretzels for lunch

Gus’s Pretzels for lunch

Students can buy Gus’s Pretzels for $1 every Friday.

Buy a pretzel and end slavery? As strange as that may sound that is what the Leadership class is trying to do.

Every Friday in March they will be selling Gus’s Pretzels in the commons at lunch. The price is $1 per pretzel and the money goes toward the “End It Movement”. The campaign Leadership class has chosen to help this year is focused on ending modern day slavery.

People may be surprised to hear that slavery is still an issue today. It currently exists in 161 countries, including here in the United States. Today there are about 27 million slaves throughout the world.

The movement’s website is According to the website, as of March 14, $161,537.45 has been donated to the movement and hopefully with the help of Oakville that number will get even higher.