SOMO Powerlifting gets promoted

SOMO Powerlifting gets promoted

The SOMO Power-lifting event that is part of the Special Olympics is to be held April 14 here at OHS. Many students around OHS are working hard to promote the event..

Students have been making announcements in little skits since the beginning of March. Also, the group promoting the event has been meeting every week thinking of ideas and making plans.

“We have worked really hard and have put in a lot of effort into this,” said Derrick Brown (12).

A group of three students, Derrick Brown, Nida Alramahi (11), and Katie Kohler (11), have been working on a commercial that will be shown next Thursday (April 11) to the whole school. It has a James Bond theme, and Derrick Brown said that it is in one word: “legit”. Also some students will be going down to KSDK’s television plaza next Friday to promote the event.

The group is expecting a good turnout and would like to see a lot of students come out and support the athletes participating.

“It will be a good surprise if the guys can walk into the gym and have a large group of people there to support them, and it will definitely make them happy,” Brown said.