Top Summer Trends

Swimsuits are not the only piece of clothing trending in the fashion industry this summer. In between all the tanning, swimming, and hanging by the pool, the Prowl is here to update you on all the current trends of the upcoming summertime.

Printed shorts. The statement piece now is not all about the tops. These hit the runway with a bang this season and have been starting to appear on the streets. Tribal print, floral, stripes, polka dots, there are shorts for every style and personality.

Lace. So delicate and cute. This season, lace has popped up on shorts, tops, scarves, shoes, everywhere! Lace is a great accent to every outfit. You can mix and match lace with almost any pattern. It is a great way to add a feminine touch to an outfit.

Wedge sneakers. These are for particular styles. Fairly new, they have been stepping up in popularity and look great on those who can pull them off. Designers like Steve Madden and Guess have started selling these style of shoes and they have made a hit.

White out. White has always been a popular color for summer, but this season, white on white on white will be happening quite a bit. The all white look is making its way across the nation. Be creative with this fresh, simple color with different patterns and textures.

Summer is right around the corner and make sure you look great for one of the best seasons of the year! Show your personality through your style and just have fun!