Fall into fashion

It’s time that of year again… Quick! grab your furry boots, sweaters, and scarves and bundle up because fall is here. For many this is the favorite time of the year for numerous reasons. You get to wear your favorite comfy sweatshirts and fuzzy socks to school each day. Many girls get excited to wear their favorite pair of leggings and Ugg boots. but for some they rather wear jeggings or sweater dresses, either way fall fashion is all up to you!

Fall fashion usually is worn in deep emerald greens, plums and other jewel tones, but this year, designers have lightened things up.When autumn and winter truly set in and the chill takes over, you might find yourself reaching for pastel-colored coats, sweaters and jackets, a fresh take on the season’s usual somber palette.

The next time you are shopping or standing by your closet thinking to yourself “what should I wear?” just remember a few of these quick tips from the Prowl: Uggs, are always good to wear with a fitted pants, jeggings, or even a comfy pair of yoga pants.Scarves. A warm scarf can make an outfit, try wearing one with a plain longsleeve top and jeans.Every girl needs a pair of black booties that goes with just about everything, except your pajamas.

This season get yourself noticed with the latest trends and styles to suit you. Don’t follow a specific trend, but blend this season’s fashion with your own unique style.  It’s your closet and as long as you’re warm and confident thats all that matters.