Tiger Cage Captains Are Ready To Wave Flags

What does Football’s first home game mean for Oakville? Cheering fans, touchdowns, and Tiger Cage, specifically the new Tiger Cage Cheer Captains. Mrs. Lynn Schmalz, sponsor of Tiger Cage, received many applications from seniors, all wanting an opportunity to wave the OHS flags after a touchdown. Eventually, eleven students from the class of 2015 were picked: Shailyn Farmer, Morgan Williams, Kelly Duggan, Jenna Martinelli, Julia Williams, Brooke Meine, Jenna Peters, Jake Meier, Anna Kremer, Annalise Richter, and Katie Miskovic.

Each of these seniors is going to get the opportunity to lead the student section at the OHS’s home football games. So what made these students want to be Captains? Brooke Meine was inspired by a friend who was a Captain when Brooke first came to OHS as a freshman.

Julia Williams had another reason for applying. “I figured since it is my senior year, I have to make the most of it,” said Williams.

Now that they have secured a spot as captain, many of the seniors have goals for the season or things they would like to bring to Tiger Cage. Many want the student body to become more involved in games.

Jake Meier, the only boy captain this year, says he hopes “to bring spirit and excitement to the students.”

Overall, the new Tiger Cage Cheer Captains are enthusiastic about the new season and will hopefully waving the flags after many touchdowns. They captains will first make their appearance on Friday, Aug. 29.