Flower power

TREND sells flower grams during lunch for a good cause



Wow these flowers, Brenda Pastry (12) and Brittany (11) are posting for a pic.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many students and faculty around OHS are trying to find ways to show the people in their lives how much they love them. Well TREND has a solution; Flower Grams.

Flower Grams went on sale during all lunches on Feb. 2 and was available for purchase at two dollars until Feb. 6. All the money is going towards the Heifer Project, which sends goats, cows, and chickens to families in third world countries.

“Our sales were slow at first, but as people remember how close Valentines Day is, our sales have doubled,” Mrs. Stephanie Allen, the TREND sponsor, said.

Flower Grams are not just for a significant in other, they can show love to friends and teachers. One OHS freshmen is planning on sending them to many people.

“I will send them to all the friends I have here, just because I want them to know I love them and appreciate them,” Kandace Miller (9) said.

Although most students are excited to start spreading the love, there are some who do not want to participate.

“I won’t be buying any, just because I don’t want to spend the money,” Ben Picha (12) said.

In the end it does not matter about the money or having a boy/girlfriend to send it to. What matters is that Flower Grams spread love and appreciation throughout the school for a good cause.