April showers bring may pranks

April Fool’s Day may have passed, but the Class of 2015 isn’t letting that crush their ideal prank dreams.

For years high school seniors have played senior pranks on the rest of the school. This normally happens in the last week or day of school.

Last year the seniors rode bikes and scooters to school and wore clothes/shoes that were against the dress code. This year the class of 2015 is sharing their ideas for ideal senior prank.

“I want to hire a mariachi to follow Mr. Willet around the school for a day,” Katie Schmidtt (12) said.

Another Mr. Matt Willet (the senior principle) related prank came from Becca May (12).

“We could cover his office in velvet, ‘cause he hates it,” May said.

Some suggested pranks were classics, such as putting a cow on the third floor. That was suggested by Rachel Luebbers(12), Tyler Hix(12), and Said Korajkic (12).

Another popular idea was releasing over a thousand insect throughout the school, Trevor Benz(12) and Tyler Hix(12) wanted to do this prank.

Other pranks were not as well known, but great ideas just the same.

“Stealing the tiger out of the commons would be cool,” Kevin Ohlendorf (12) suggested.

Megan Mora (12) thought that, “Plastic wrapping the toilets in teacher’s bathrooms” would be her ideal senior prank.

Lastly, Jill Rowland (12) wanted to have some fun with the leaders of our school.

“Duct-Taping the every principal’s doors shut is a great idea,” Rowland said, “we might get into some trouble though,” she added.

These ideas and those of other seniors are just that ideas. The rest of the school will have to wait until the very end of the year to find out exactly what the class of 2015 has in mind when it comes to senior pranks.